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Honduras -- Democracy at Work
August, 2009

August 26th, 2009 -- Daniel Altschuler -- Americas Quarterly
Micheletti's Losing Battle for Honduras' Diplomatic Corp and its International Legitimacy
New: The de facto Honduran government can enjoy the support of as many Honduran political institutions and actors as it likes, but without any ambassadors loyal to the sitting government, it has virtually no effective tools to change world opinion that President Manuel Zelaya must be restored to power. letter

August 26th, 2009
An Open Letter to the Citizens of the World from Carlos Lopez Contreras, Foreign Minister of Honduras.

As citizens of an increasingly smaller and interconnected global community, we are all responsible for respecting one another and for creating a better world together. Our diverse cultures, religions, and forms of government must continually search for ways to understand one another and work together. letter

August 26th, 2009
Letter to Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State
Obviously, neither the OAS nor the US has the right to interfere in the internal affairs of Honduras. letter

Aug. 26, 2009 TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras,
1. An international mission to mediate an end to the political crisis in Honduras over the ouster of President Jose Manuel Zelaya ended in apparent failure as the interim government stood firm on keeping the exiled leader away.
2. The United States has further cut visa services for Hondurans, after a previous ban on visas for members of the de facto regime. State Department spokesman Ian Kelly said the visa curbs were intended to reinforce OAS efforts to persuade the de facto government to accept the San Jose deal.
"We firmly believe a negotiated solution is the appropriate way forward and the San Jose Accord is the best solution," Kelly said. source
In support of this mission and as a consequence of the de facto regime's reluctance to sign the San Jose Accord, the State Department is conducting a full review of our visa policy in Honduras. As part of that review, we are suspending non-emergency, non-immigrant visa services in the consular section of our embassy in Honduras, effective August 26.

August 26th, 2009 Chavez Asked Not to Sow More Hatred
Luis Alfonso Hoyos, the Colombian Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), asked Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez on Wednesday to utilize his "skills" and "assets" in order to jointly work on a better hemisphere, "without sowing more hatred." source

August 26th, 2009 OAS Still Has Hope
The head of the Organization of American States says he still has hope for a resolution of the presidential crisis in Honduras even after a high-level delegation he led failed to work out an agreement. source
but is there any hope for the future of OAS?

August 24th, 2009
OAS in Honduras for One Week.
The OAS commission arrived in Honduras in an airplane of the United States Navy, and was received with military honors from the Honduran Air Force. They are expected to stay in Honduras for a one week period. source

August 24th, 2009 -- by lounsbury
The truth about Honduras and Tropical Socialism
Miami - The Miami Herald is by no means a conservative newspaper, but because of the ethnic makeup of South Florida it has a base of consumers who support the product that don't fit into conventional molds and labels. The sizable Honduran population of Miami is no exception.
While the United States officially cozied up with South American "Tropical Socialists" such as Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Daniel Ortega, Hondurans in Miami hit the streets in support of the ouster former Honduran President Zelaya. source

August 21, 2009
Hypocrisy - Dictators Preaching About Democracy
IACHR Visit to Honduras
IACHR: Preliminary Observations on the IACHR Visit to Honduras source

August 12, 2009
Ortega Follows Zelaya
Weekly Standard Online -- by Jaime Daremblum
A few weeks ago, at a public celebration to mark the 30th anniversary of the 1979 Sandinista revolution, Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega moved one step closer to creating an autocracy. Speaking to a large crowd, Ortega called for changing the Nicaraguan constitution to allow his own reelection. Under current law, Nicaraguan presidents are prohibited from serving consecutive terms and are limited to two five-year terms overall. In order to be "just and fair," said Ortega, whose term ends in 2012, the country should amend its constitution to let presidents seek reelection. source

August 10, 2009
Robert Wood, Deputy Department Spokesman, Daily Press Briefing
MR. WOOD: Well, I think one of the things you can judge what we're doing in the region and what our aspirations are for the region to use the example of Honduras. I mean, we've been very clear in condemning the coup that took place that removed President Zelaya. We are working through the OAS, and we're very supportive of the San Jose accords, and we've encouraged others in the region to support those accords. And so I think we've been very clear. We want to see democratic and constitutional order returned to Honduras. And we've made that very clear and there should be no question about that. And I think what you have to do is judge us on our actions. source
"Every State has the right to choose, without external interference, its political, economic, and social system" -- OAS source

August 10, 2009 CN
Harper, Obama, Calderon talk swine flu, drug crime, Honduras
GUADALAJARA, Mexico and North America's leaders are sitting under an immense frescoed dome this morning, chatting about even more immense challenges facing their countries.
Stephen Harper, Barack Obama and Felipe Calderon sat in the middle of a Mexican colonial chamber in a two-hour discussion largely about swine flu and the frightening spike of drug crime in Mexico.
They also discussed the political crisis in Honduras.
Prime Minister Harper came out in defence of the country's ousted president, Manuel Zelaya.
Canada says the president should be allowed to complete the final months of his elected mandate - and Harper told fellow leaders that the solution to the crisis must include support for constitutional democracy.
continued To: Canada, US, Mexico:
Mr. Zelaya was removed in accordance with the Honduras Constitution.

August 07, 2009 -- Vilma Sierra De Fonseca
Honduras: Open for Business
Business in Honduras continues to flourish and factories continue to produce high-quality exports.
Over the past month, the change in government in Honduras has been in the news. You may even have written about it.
The political situation is of concern to all Hondurans, and I can tell you that the business community is united in urging a peaceful and quick resolution.
Unfortunately, the normality of life in Honduras has not received much media attention. Business here continues to flourish, and people are going about their normal lives working, relaxing, attending school, shopping, visiting friends and family, going out to eat, and so forth. In short, we are operating as usual. continued

August 6, 2009 Poder
Mexicans With Zelaya
The presidency, Mexico City's government, and congressmen close ranks in his favor
As planned, deposed Honduran president Manuel Zelaya, as a distinguished guest, received the keys to Mexico City from the head of the city's government. (Yesterday he was treated as a head of state by the presidency). He will also be in the capital to meet with a Senate congressional committee. continued
A sad day for democracy and the future of Mexico

August 5, 2009 Susan Cornwell -- Reuters
U.S. appears to soften support for Honduras's Zelaya
U.S. policy on Honduras' political crisis is not aimed at supporting any particular individual, the State Department said in a new letter that implied softening support for ousted President Manuel Zelaya.
The letter to Republican Senator Richard Lugar contained criticism of Zelaya, saying the left-leaning former leader had taken "provocative" actions ahead of his removal by the Honduran military on June 28. continued

August 5,
Archbishop warns Chavez is curtailing democracy in Venezuela
The vice president of the Bishops' Conference of Venezuela, Archbishop Baltazar Porras, warned this week that with the closing of 24 radio stations, President Hugo Chavez is closing the democratic channels of the country, but that even this could not cover up what is really happening in Venezuela.
Speaking on Union Radio, the archbishop said the latest events must be seen from a much wider perspective, because this is the closing of the democratic channels of the country.
He said the purpose of the Chavez's strategy is to turn the country into a society that has only one ruler, one entity who has all the rights and all the obligations and gives the leftovers to the citizens.
The Venezuelan president, he said, wants to turn the country into an army that follows orders. continued

August 4, 2009 Poder
Zelaya in Los Pinos -- The ousted leader visits President Calderon
Deposed Honduran president Manuel Zelaya visited the Mexican presidential residence in Los Pinos and met privately with President Felipe Calderon, who endorsed support for him; tomorrow the Honduran is scheduled to visit the head of Mexico City's government, Marcelo Ebrard, and afterwards meet with Senate legislators. Zelaya said was not calling for the use of arms to regain his post, which is now held by Roberto Micheletti. He defined himself as a "peaceful Honduran." continued
Mexico: Why are you endorsing Socialism?

August 4, 2009 - Sara Miller Llana -- The Christian Science Monitor
In Mexico, ousted Honduran leader boosts bid to go home.
Manuel Zelaya's visit with President Calderon could mark a new strategy to distance himself from his leftist ally, Hugo Chavez.
Calderon said Tuesday that Mexico has lent its support to Zelaya's reinstatement since the beginning, and "we are prepared to continue giving it more intensely," he said. continued
Message to Mr. Calderone:
We do not believe that Mr Zelaya is distancing himself from Hugo Chavez.
It appears that Mexico is moving closer to the left.
Unfortunately that increases our risk of investing in Mexico.
Alex Majthenyi

August 1, 2009 Reuters -- Raymond Colitt
Venezuela begins shutdown of 34 radio stations
* Chavez says stations no longer belong to 'bourgeoisie'
* Calls closures part of effort to democratize airwaves
* Critics say the move attacks freedom of speech
Critics said the crackdown infringed on freedom of speech and that owners were not given the right to a proper defense. continued
This is censorship!
This is not what you want in Honduras!
This is not what we want in America!

Crisis Tests Relevance of Americas Group
The Organization of American States took shape after World War II as a mini United Nations for the Western Hemisphere -- and just like the U.N., it has struggled for decades to prove its effectiveness.
Now the OAS faces new criticism that it isn't upholding its mission to defend democracy in the region, in the wake of its failure to successfully intervene in the political crisis in Honduras.
Crisis Tests Relevance of Americas Group continued

Honduras News in English
Honduras News in English !

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