White Plains, NY Hispanic Day Parade   White Plains, NY Hispanic Day Parade   White Plains, NY Hispanic Day Parade
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We are reaching out to our supporters and ask that you support our community and your neighbors by sending a tax-deductible contribution to El Centro Hispano. Your contribution will help ensure that the work of El Centro Hispano will continue for the benefit of those members of the Hispanic community most in need

Help pregnant girls, single mothers and their babies,

Thousands of children in Colombia need your help. Help build schools and shelter for them. Donate to Shakira's Foundation Pies Descalzos,

Salvation Army Red Kettles have been an American tradition since 1891
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Immigration always involves two countries
An Outline

The USCCB canít help solve the problem because it always blames one side. The US side.

To find a solution you have to go back and figure out the cause of the problem. You canít just say love your neighbor because both countries are causing the problem.

What happened?
America was rich, Mexico was poor. America had social security, and other benefits. Mexico had none.

But, Mexico is rich in natural resources, tourist attractions, good climate and a good work force. Whatís wrong?

The Catholic church says that countries have to take care of their people. Mexico is in a position to grow, create jobs and take care of itsí people, There seems to be only one problem, the drug cartel.

Retiring Americans would love to take their money and move to Mexico but are afraid of crime. Foreign companies would love to invest and locate there (some are there) but their employees are afraid of the same problem, crime.

The solution becomes a little clearer. Both countries have to police and close the border to eliminate drug traffic. Mexico has to put a greater effort into finding the source of the drugs. The US has to put a greater effort into finding the drug buyers.

The two countries should have identical immigration laws.

The US has laws for naturalizing citizens. The law should be more lenient for people who are already here.

Then people who are here illegally would no longer be afraid to identify themselves.

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